Don’t Go (2018)

I’m not one for existential metaphors so I took a risk. Fortunately, this one paid off. Rather than another angsty cliche about loss, it turned out to be layered, nuanced poetry. As the main character teeters between delusion and spiritual experience, the story keenly walks a fine line between heavy-handed symbolism and enigmatic meaning. Other films have explored the effects of grief over time but this is by far the most beautifully written and superbly acted.

In Time (2011)

That so many sociological/ psychological/ economical/ political themes are presented in one Sci-Fi action adventure will either intrigue or infuriate you. When and where time is money– literal currency– one of the poorest teams up with one of the richest to become Bonnie & Clyde with a Robinhood complex. Intentionally or not, the story explores […]

Dark City (1998)

It’s hard to imagine any alternate dystopian reality prior to “The Matrix” but Roger Ebert considered this the best film of the year it was released. Though thoroughly entertaining, the aforementioned blockbuster borrowed heavily from this movie, specifically several pieces of the set. What it lacks in state-of-the-art visual effects it more than makes up for with mysterious twists and turns without losing any of the philosophical/ intellectual references for which its counterpart is so famous.