Bowfinger (1999)

I’m reluctant to describe this movie as “under rated.” If one ingredient of the elusive “star power” is what’s most commonly referred to as the “X factor,” it just makes sense that this movie is funny but not for any easily discernible reason. Each time I watch it seems lacking yet always see it through to the end. Likewise, I can’t stop waffling between whether or not it’s worth rewatching. Despite my disdain for meta, I love movies about movies. Perhaps that’s my (and many other people’s) complaint—it’s completely impossible to tell where the farce begins and ends. And considering it’s a star-studded big-budget movie about making a low budget movie that features stars that feels like a low budget movie… oh, who cares. When it works, it works. And this one does!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

So much talent, so little time. One of the numerous highlights of this movie is its timing. Unlike many modern comedies, the actors serve the story, rather than use it to showcase their immature antics, which are only funny when given an equally outrageous context. In this setting, two con artists attempt to outwit each other but both end up getting played. Who gets the last laugh when real-life masters of comedy use their impersonation skills as their characters execute a plot to dupe a wealthy heiress out of her fortune?

Roxanne (1987)

Writer, comedian and actor, Steve Martin adapted literary classic “Cyrano de Bergerac” into a feature film. With equal parts humor, drama and romance—in nearly every hue—the brainy and beautiful, Roxanne falls for one half of two different firemen: the airheaded but handsome, Chris who speaks through the poetry of big-nosed romantic, C. D. who coaches him through each encounter in order to win Roxanne’s heart. First things get tricky then downright messy as the charade wears thin.