UFO (2018)

Finally, an indie movie that isn’t self- conscious or earnest. This one is based on different species united by the universal language of Math rather than humans pitted against each other in wars of inhumane Science. Preachy rants by beleaguered protagonists are so last decade. Best of all, there’s no theatrical AAACTiiiiing, either. Characters’ personalities, […]

Sunshine (2007)

A mesmerizing yet contemplative movie about a mission through space to refuel the dying Sun with a bomb. In place of aliens and lasers battles, breathtaking visuals coupled with a visceral urgency illuminate the self-sacrifice that undergirds its characters’ fierce determination to save Humanity.

Rope (1948)

Everyone is at least familiar with Alfred Hitchcock, especially iconic classics, such as Psycho and The Birds. But for some reason his adaptation of a stage play that’s right up his alley tends to get overlooked. Obviously, there’s dramatic tension in a slashing knife, a flock of pecking birds, or any other bloody spectacle. But […]

Spinning Man (2018)

There’s surprising depth to this Thriller that borders on Post-Modern Noir about a philosophy professor who lives in an endless loop of moral ambiguity rationalized by the principles that led him to push the limits of his questionable decisions in the first place.

Buster’s Mal Heart (2016)

Writer/ director, Sarah Adina Smith’s description of her film as a mix of “Donnie Darko” and “Bad Santa” can only be due to its main character’s delightfully curious nature throughout this murky story.

Buster/ Jonah’s reprobate past is behind him as he begins a new life with his religious wife, Marty. While working the lonely night shift at a hotel, Jonah is drawn to a philosophical—and slightly paranoid—drifter, the extent whose influence is gradually revealed.

The choice to rotate between three phases of Buster/ Jonah’s existence until the startling confluence of past, present and future is bold, to say the least. But the real expertise is displayed in the casting of Rami Malek as Buster. His performance was essential to the telling of a story that will stay with you long after the credits roll.