Searching (2018)

Stories about missing persons are nothing new. Neither is utilizing a smartphone to make a movie anymore. But shooting an entire film through every kind of lens but a movie camera– and sometimes exclusively screens of websites, texts and social networking apps– is definitely a first! But make no mistake: this unique approach is by […]

Wag the Dog (1997)

Who’s leading whom– isn’t the dog supposed to wag the tail? Of greatest importance is at whatever a politician is trying to distract you from looking. Incidentally, one time several major Hollywood stars (2 of whom– Oscars winners, no less– received no money up front) shot a feature length film in under a month with […]

Bowfinger (1999)

I’m reluctant to describe this movie as “under rated.” If one ingredient of the elusive “star power” is what’s most commonly referred to as the “X factor,” it just makes sense that this movie is funny but not for any easily discernible reason. Each time I watch it seems lacking yet always see it through to the end. Likewise, I can’t stop waffling between whether or not it’s worth rewatching. Despite my disdain for meta, I love movies about movies. Perhaps that’s my (and many other people’s) complaint—it’s completely impossible to tell where the farce begins and ends. And considering it’s a star-studded big-budget movie about making a low budget movie that features stars that feels like a low budget movie… oh, who cares. When it works, it works. And this one does!

Gemini (2017)

The color, the composition… Where to begin describing such a masterfully-crafted piece of cinematography? And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The mystery… no explanatory monologues or contrived conversations… The movie let’s the story unfold naturally to develop its tone; the pacing is spot on. A traditional Noir set in a modern era, the lack of clever dialogue isn’t due to poor screenwriting. Rather, it’s to the story’s advantage—the Devil is in the details, e.g. what isn’t said. Somehow the striking visuals don’t distract from the intriguing dynamics between characters. In fact, I’d be hard-pressed to say which is more impressive: that out of the plethora of stars, none of them chews the gorgeous scenery or any of the aforementioned qualities that make this movie to mesmerizing.