Spinning Man (2018)

There’s surprising depth to this Thriller that borders on Post-Modern Noir about a philosophy professor who lives in an endless loop of moral ambiguity rationalized by the principles that led him to push the limits of his questionable decisions in the first place.

Bug (2002)

It isn’t hard to imagine this oddball getting passed over in favor of—well, quite frankly—anything, which is a shame because what it lacks in big-budget production value and marketing it more than makes up for in every other way. With a casting lineup seemingly plucked out of a big-budget movie, this clever Indi somehow borrows the familiar concept of interwoven destinies and refashions it in the most elaborately intricate way. If you’re looking for slaphappy comedy or outrageously dark humor there’s nothing to see here. Likewise, if you want wrought soliloquies, you’ll find this lacking in drama. However, what you will find is a surprisingly clever film jam-packed with fate, coincidence and irony.

Bowfinger (1999)

I’m reluctant to describe this movie as “under rated.” If one ingredient of the elusive “star power” is what’s most commonly referred to as the “X factor,” it just makes sense that this movie is funny but not for any easily discernible reason. Each time I watch it seems lacking yet always see it through to the end. Likewise, I can’t stop waffling between whether or not it’s worth rewatching. Despite my disdain for meta, I love movies about movies. Perhaps that’s my (and many other people’s) complaint—it’s completely impossible to tell where the farce begins and ends. And considering it’s a star-studded big-budget movie about making a low budget movie that features stars that feels like a low budget movie… oh, who cares. When it works, it works. And this one does!