The Foreigner (2017)

The depth of the story drew me in and made me want to follow the main character further. Too bad this wasn’t a TV pilot! To cast a movie that could so easily have been yet another formulaic action flick was no small feat; actors we’ve seem before were wisely utilized for their specialty while being given enough room to break out of their characatures. Moreover, their experience and professionalism allowed the seamless fusion of cultures to tell a story that’s a genuinely fresh perspective on the balance between Justice and Revenge.

Now, Voyager (1942)

It seems as though the more time that passes, the dustier the cover gets. Just when I thought I’d seen everything worth watching at the video store (yes, some still exist) I came across this hidden gem. It was categorized as an old favorite, which surprised me because I’d never heard of it. Research revealed […]

Rope (1948)

Everyone is at least familiar with Alfred Hitchcock, especially iconic classics, such as Psycho and The Birds. But for some reason his adaptation of a stage play that’s right up his alley tends to get overlooked. Obviously, there’s dramatic tension in a slashing knife, a flock of pecking birds, or any other bloody spectacle. But […]

Winchester (2018)

I know, I know but just hear me out: inspired by real-life Sarah Winchester, superstitious widowed heiress to the fortune amassed by the founders of the famous rifle company, what this suppositional story lacks in historical accuracy (minor liberties were taken for the sake of capturing it on film) it more than makes up for with pain-staking attention to detail; besides the obvious (a cast of award-winners), remarkable forethought went into every aspect from the titular character’s handcrafted custom wardrobe to the replica of her infamous eccentric mansion. The world created for the movie was so well planned in advance it leaves no room for the plot to stray from the devices (i.e. “rules”) set forth by its premise. Though no awards were be offered, its quality is impeccable. It will be thoroughly entertaining if you can restrain yourself from forcing upon it any aspirations of informative historicity or Slasher genre features.