Spy (2015)

Though there are both stunts and humor galore, this is no James Bond spoof; comedic actors were actually taught fighting techniques to do most of their own stunts and action stars ad libbed many of the best lines. The result stands on its own two feet (and is perhaps overqualified) as a contender in its […]

The Station Agent (2003)

Describing this gently layered story is like recounting an interaction with traveling companions: you kind of had to be there. No explosions or car chases; just a lonely man with dwarfism, who inherits an defunct train station where he is bombarded/ befriended by a succession of neighbors, each of whom arrives in their own way at their own time. The recurring tall and talkative snack vendor, the grieving mother struggling to figure out who she’s supposed to be and the pretty librarian, who might be more trouble than she’s worth each disrupt his solitude until he’s forced to accept they’ve forged a path through his previous meticulous social landscape.

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (2009)

More technique and tone than plot, the title of this film that speaks for itself is nearly impossible to categorize. I’ll defer to an unrelated but fitting quote by Marjane Satrapi: “Americans think cinema is about storytelling; I don’t believe that. I think it’s a language and everyone has to find their own way of speaking. It’s not so much what you say as the way you say it.” I’m confident writer and director, John Krasinski would agree, at least in this particular instance; the casting was impeccable.