Can you ever forgive me? (2018)

In writing, as in life, less is more. Correspondingly, a simple story allowed to stand on its own, free to breathe (i.e. without overt biases and/or contrived themes imposed upon it), will naturally generate “The Conversation” so many artists eagerly crave these days.

Personally, I heard it say, “If you spend half as much time devoted to the task at hand as you do trying to get out of it, you’ll be fulfilled by both the process and the result. In the end, making a quick buck is complicated and expensive!”

But as viewers found with Doubt, everyone will walk away from the movie insisting it was about something else.

Spy (2015)

Though there are both stunts and humor galore, this is no James Bond spoof; comedic actors were actually taught fighting techniques to do most of their own stunts and action stars ad libbed many of the best lines. The result stands on its own two feet (and is perhaps overqualified) as a contender in its […]

Enough Said (2013)

When divorcee, Eva attends a party with two married friends she’s slightly disappointed that she doesn’t find anyone attractive, not that she’s actively looking. But she does meet fellow divorcees, Marianne, who—rather than simply accepting her business card to be polite—actually hires her as a masseuse and Albert—with whom she shares some laughs—who ends up asking her out on a date. Though Albert isn’t conventionally handsome, he’s sweet and unpretentious. When Eva suddenly realizes she’s been comparing ex-husbands with her new client/ friend, who used to be married to her new boyfriend, she decides to milk the relationship for all it’s worth.

“She’s like a human Trip Advisor.”

“Albert is not a hotel.”

“Yeah, but if you could avoid staying in a bad one, wouldn’t you?”

This modern romance works because writer/ director, Nicole Holofcener captures the relatable companionship of middle-aged relationships. The audience can laugh with rather than at them; the awkward ramifications are expectedly cringe-worthy but the dialogue is so realistic there’s amusement amid the mess. Such levity keeps the subject matter light.