Tim’s Vermeer (2013)

Who better to orchestrate the collaboration of Art, Science and History than famed magician, Penn Gillette? This film documents every detail of the ambitious undertaking of his friend, Tim, who by reconstructing the creation of a classic painting in painstaking detail, uses an analysis of History to actually rewrite it. It absolutely must be noted that the previously unknown details, which come to light in no way detract from the exquisite beauty of Vermeer’s artistry. Rather, they illuminate both his ingenuity and exceptional grasp of composition.

The Five Obstructions (2003)

Frequently bleak but always visually daring filmmaker, Lars von Trier gets the director of his favorite film to remake it with specific impediments, which von Trier chooses along the way. While such a creative project may seem strange, I remember numerous art classes in which a professor’s imposed obstructions—though infuriating at the time—pushed me to create in ways I never expected because I wasn’t challenging myself to push past the obvious. Isn’t that the essence of creativity? However, the social/ emotional dynamic between the two filmmakers is ultimately what holds the viewer’s attention.