Spy (2015)

Though there are both stunts and humor galore, this is no James Bond spoof; comedic actors were actually taught fighting techniques to do most of their own stunts and action stars ad libbed many of the best lines. The result stands on its own two feet (and is perhaps overqualified) as a contender in its […]

Maze Runner: the Scorch Trials (2015)

This sequel to The Maze Runner effectively plunges its characters deeper into increasingly dark and twisted places that help train them for the ultimate test to be faced in the final installment. The continued portrayal of relationships as mutually respectful and fiercely loyal– absent of any hormone- fueled delusions– more than make up for the […]

Hanna (2011)

CIA operatives have seen and experienced more disturbing things than we could ever know. Even the most patriotic has a limit to what he’s willing to support. Usually, I like a bit of mystery because it’s enthralling to let the details unfold. But in this case it was hard to know who to trust so […]

Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

Can’t decide between a 1940s gangster flick and a Kung-Fu movie? With enough imagination, you can have both. First, collect an assortment of references to iconic Chinese and American pulp-fiction and pop-culture films, homages to Kung-Fu and tributes to Bruce Lee. Next, slice and dice. Then toss the pieces into a sizzling wok. As you can imagine, the result is wildly entertaining.

Be advised: the subtitled and dubbed versions have almost completely different scripts but if you’re a true movie fan you already know that subtitles are better than imposed voice-over dialogue that’s more concerned with matching the cadence of the actors’ mouths than accurately translating what they’re saying.