The End of the Tour (2015)

The cassette tape on the poster conjures memories of Almost Famous, which is unfortunate; it’s about literature (among other things) rather than music. Still, there are striking similarities between professions with the potential for celebrity.

Accordingly, seasoned actors carry the weight of the expectations upon their characters as they wax poetic on the nature of popularity and consumerism. The script drives the movie, which is not to suggest it’s incapable of strong cinematography. On the contrary: visual moments are subsequently able to highlight what is not said.

I suppose extemporaneous filler (a.k.a. “mumblecore”) is appropriate since the main characters are of the generation that birthed the Millennials, who gravitate toward tense exposition generating an internal catalyst (that I would classify as enigmatic). Better still, it reinforces the casual tone a journalist must take with the hope of getting his subject to relax and offer some candid insight into his life, or at least his process.

However, unlike an aspiring contributor to Rolling Stone, who enjoys the benefits of fame that overflow onto the entourage at the expense of responsibilities back home, this staff member aspires to the same level of recognition as the latest and greatest novelist. Rather than gleaning juicy details of the sexy story everyone expects, attempts to peg the idol expose what’s beneath self-righteous contempt.

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