The Aviator (1985)

Life’s a challenge when you have a risky job, such as long-distance mail delivery but somebody has to do it. And someone else has to love you for– or despite of– it. But any situation can teach and heal you, if you let it. In this case, an emergency quickly shifts from adventure to survival for two stranded fliers, who couldn’t be more opposite. But as it turns out, each is exactly what the other needs.

It’s really too bad we have to back up this far to find a movie about a relationship that doesn’t heap up the fantasy until it spawns an ill-fated romance. Sometimes life is bittersweet, as this movie demonstrates. At least someone had the good sense to let the characters grow without wistful lingering. It’s a pleasant surprise to find out there’s more hope to be found in prudence than impulsive emotion.

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