The Light Between Oceans (2016)

Someone has to say it: ALL actions have consequences. It can be hard to do the right thing without the ability to see a situation from every angle. Small decisions can have a huge impact on our lives; even on people we don’t know.

I started the novel on which this movie was based but struggled to follow the extensive description. Not to fault the author; it was necessary since the setting is a very specific time in a very specific place. Had I been able to read it all in one sitting, I’m sure I would have more quickly engaged. Fortunately, it was adapted for the big screen.

I’m reluctant to claim that some stories are better as movies and others better as books but rarely can one transfer over to the other. Each has its own unique limitations, which should be not only respected but utilized to the story teller’s advantage.

If the rest of this movie is as true to the book as the beginning, I would feel confident considering its adaptation a success. In fact, it was significantly easier to dive straight into the story by seeing the characters’ environment in its fullness.

There was a distinct moral undertone that wasn’t a preachy message. Sometimes subtlety can be lost on a viewer but the premise was so compelling and its subsequent plot so intensely haunting it stayed with me; I couldn’t let it go until I had sufficiently ruminated on its message.

That, coupled with superb acting, held it’s own within some truly stunning cinematography that captures a majestic land/seascape that just might be indescribable.

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