Thank You for Smoking (2005)

Handsome, Nick Naylor is a lobbyist, i.e. Sultan of Spin for Big Tobacco. He may be charming but his only friends are the self- proclaimed, “MOD Squad” because he, VP of the Academy of Tobacco Studies along with the head of the Moderation Counsel (alcohol) and chairman of SAFETY– Society for the Advancement of Firearms and Effective Training of Youth– are all three “Merchants Of Death.”

Even as a guest speaker for Career Day at his son, Joey’s school he finds no favor:

“My Mommy says smoking kills.”
“Oh, is your Mommy a doctor?”
“A scientific researcher of some kind?”
“Well, then she’s hardly a credible expert, is she?”

Razor sharp satire in skillful hands is a powerful weapon. Or a useful tool. Either way, when it all boils down to semantics there is no wrong answer.

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