In Time (2011)

That so many sociological/ psychological/ economical/ political themes are presented in one Sci-Fi action adventure will either intrigue or infuriate you. When and where time is money– literal currency– one of the poorest teams up with one of the richest to become Bonnie & Clyde with a Robinhood complex.

Intentionally or not, the story explores the tightrope between exploitive class disparity, such as a caste system, and the institution of communism, both oppressive in their own ways. What would (and frequently does) happen when a prevailing organized system is abruptly obliterated? Particularly, what happens when a sudden influx of resources are thrust upon people, who lack the experience and understanding to manage them? The expression, “drinking from a fire hose” springs to mind.

Chaos abounds when good- intentioned aspiring heroes do more harm than good, necessitating the imposition of law, or at least some semblance of order. Inevitably, someone has to be the bad guy.

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