Candyman (1992)

The poster’s striking similarity to Silence of the Lambs led me to believe this was a spoof. At first glance even the premise seems unimpressive: a skeptical person accidentally summons a monster– the tortured soul of a slave, who fathered the child of a powerful man’s daughter. *eyeroll* The more I read– hook for a hand, calling out his name in the mirror summons him– the sillier it sounded. A grad student (of course) goes to the projects to investigate a series of murders blamed on candy man. *Yawn.*

Then I found out a few disquieting pieces of trivia: the screen writer/director was inspired by a series of real-life murders committed by the means described in the film; a faulty design flaw allowed tenants access to each other’s apartments. There was also an actual serial killer given the title name.

Also, the housing complex referenced and used for its exterior and hallway were real– gang members had to be bribed to guarantee the safety of the movie’s cast and crew. Additionally, live bees were used; people got stung.

When I finally watching this it turned out to be a well-crafted story with complex characters in understandably frustrating situations. Not bad considering how many villains roam the recesses of our collective imagination…

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