Little Nikita (1988)

Initially, this didn’t impress me, aside from a riveting car chase. I expected more tech(nology/nique); the Mission Impossible franchise set my expectations higher than I dared to admit. However, I was struck by the emotional component we civilians rarely think about– sleeper spies need family and friends just the same as anyone else. Still, I only found the story satisfactory.

Then along came the TV series, The Americans (2013 – 2018), which is also set during the height of the cold war. The basic premise is startlingly similar. Given that this movie was written without the luxury of hindsight, it deserves to be considered in the context of when it was made.

The cast, as diverse as it is noteworthy (impressive by any standards), serves to remind us of the inalienable rights endowed upon Humanity by its creator, which Americans endorse on principle yet tend to easily abandon in practice. Ironically, Communist spies enjoy this same freedom as they’re attempting to thwart the efforts of Democracy.

Nevertheless, when all is said and done, people all have the same basic needs, wants and instincts.

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