Hard Candy (2005)

Like its title, this film isn’t something you’d likely choose but depending on who’s offering, might accept. Even if you aren’t prompted to buy it for yourself it was nevertheless enjoyable for the duration of its existence. In my case, it was chosen for me by a movie buff, of whose watch night I was a guest. They knew I never would’ve picked this out for myself. While I wouldn’t classify it as a story I’m interested in revisiting I don’t feel my time was wasted.

Unfortunately, what makes this film unique and interesting is unmarketable to general audiences, supervised or not: both the premise and subsequent plot explore a subject that’s taboo but shouldn’t be. That’s not to say everyone should see it; the exploitation of children is a delicate subject. This particular story happens to focus on cleverly devised revenge by way of poetic justice, which may be the only way to stir viewers to talk about it rather than unintentionally inciting their curiosity or accidentally making light of such a heinous offense. The result is riveting and effective.

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