Don Verdean (2015)

I enjoy the occasional oddity. The only—albeit frequent—criticism I see is that the plot is either weak or lacks focus. Many people expect every movie to fit neatly into a specific genre, such as raucous side-splitting comedy. Furthermore, they expect a formula, in order to enable their understanding of the story.

However, sometimes a movie presents themes and poses questions rather than trying to drive home a particular message. There can be value in exploring various ideas so long as what’s promised is delivered. Equally, if a filmmaker presents a circumstance and/ or demographic being represented as opposed to a sequence of events that neatly wraps itself up in 2 hours or less, expect eccentricity. In this case, it’s a mockumentary about a self-proclaimed biblical scholar, who claims to be an expert at finding various artifacts in order to inspire and encourage people of faith.

For anyone looking for a life lesson, you’re asking the wrong question; ponder and debate issues, such as the nature of faith, doubt, proof, hope, the burden of leadership, media pressure and professional ethics. For anyone looking for a unique and interesting plot, you’re watching the right movie.

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