Clueless (1995)

I’ll spare you ‘90’s Valley Girl inflection. (I’m like totally buggin’ but not because my version would be bad. As if! I could like totally do it.) Suffice it to say, this pop culture classic encapsulated the era in which it was made. Though many people understandably attribute it to the 1996 movie Emma, both were both inspired by the 1815 novel, Emma by Jane Austen, which writer/ director, Amy Heckerling recalled reading when was asked to write a film for high schoolers. She subsequently based the plot and characters on it, though they’re set in Beverly Hills, California rather than Highbury, England. The resulting movie was so popular it inspired a TV show and multiple books. In fact, a book was released for its 20th anniversary. This fact alone cements its legacy as more than just a fad; in its proper context, i.e. knowing that Ms. Heckerling attending high school classes in Beverly Hills to get the subculture and lingo just right, it’s fair to say this movie is its own period piece.

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