Gaslight (1944)

gas·light /`gasīte

verb: to psychologically manipulate someone into questioning their own sanity

Allow me to explain something, yet again: when the dictionary defines a phenomenon you know it’s persistent. You really don’t remember my explanation from the last time we argued about it? When you find out the movie, from which it’s derived showcases none other than Ingrid Bergman you know it’s going to be demonstrated in the most captivating way possible. No, really; Ms. Bergman is a good actress. I’m not being condescending; you’re too sensitive. It’s also interesting to note the movie version was adapted from a stage play. You’re getting confused, again. But at least I’m here to help you, despite these little episodes you keep having. Of course you don’t remember. It’s OK; I’ll help you through it. Trust me—it’s not like you have something I want but are smart enough to keep it concealed.

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