Nerve (2016)

Often, teen dramas don’t get enough attention simply because their target audience already does. This cautionary tale—hypothetical yet plausible—depicts an online game, in which the viewers anonymously vote on the actions of the players, all being equal participants. A strong performance by lead, Emma Roberts keeps the story from falling flat. The ending is heavy-handed in its delivery of the movie’s message (a warning about the dangers of peer pressure fueled by social media) but considering the kind of behavior we see exhibited on a regular basis… is overstatement even possible? While this movie won’t go down in cinematic history, it’s fast-past and full of twists and turns; i.e. a clever and entertaining story. What else should we expect from the filmmaking duo, who brought us “Catfish” (which subsequently coined the term used to describe a fictitious online persona designed to deceive)?

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