Grace of Monaco (2014)

No one in the world could’ve predicted the whirlwind, history-making romance of England’s Prince Harry to American actress, Meghan Markle. It is to this movie’s advantage that its particular depiction of an historic marriage, to which the modern one is being compared, predates Harry and Meghan’s engagement; it was crafted to document a historic anomaly rather than contrive comparisons that may or not serve any particular purpose other than marketing.

To give up everything to take on another identity is no small feat but a woman in love with a man who both respects and adores her is gaining so much more than she’s giving up, which is still easier to accept in theory than to demonstrate in practical application! Even more so for American actress, Grace Kelly since the Royal Family of Monaco is more than mere figureheads.

By the early 1960s, the threat of invasion by the French overshadowed whatever dreamy notions Princess Grace may have had. At the urging of her spiritual advisor, who was also a close friend and confidant, Princess Grace redefined romance, which not only saved her marriage; it helped to unite the country, who had embraced her as their own. Suddenly, she became a leader, who could use her influence to provide stability and courage in the midst of uncertainty.

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